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  • PIN Assignments
    1VCC-Power supply
    2DOUTOutputUART Data Out
    3DIN / CONFIGInputUART Data In
    4DIO12EitherDigital I/O 12
    5RESETInputModule Reset (reset pulse must be at least 200 ns)
    6RSSI PWM / DIO10EitherRX Signal Strength Indicator / Digital 10
    7DIO11EitherDigital I/O 11
    8[reserved]-Do not connect
    9DTR / SLEEP_RQ/ DIO8EitherPin Sleep Control Line or Digital IO 8
    11DIO4EitherDigital I/O 4
    12CTS / DIO7EitherClear-to-Send Flow Control or Digital I/O 7. CTS, if enabled, is an output.
    13ON / SLEEPOutputModule Status Indicator or Digital I/O 9
    14VREFInputNot used on this module. For compatibility with other XBee modules, we recommend connecting this pin to a voltage reference if Analog sampling is desired. Otherwise, connect to GND.
    15Associate / DIO5EitherAssociated Indicator, Digital I/O 5
    16RTS / DIO6EitherRequest-to-Send Flow Control, Digital I/O 6. RTS, if enabled, is an input.
    17AD3 / DIO3EitherAnalog Input 3 or Digital I/O 3
    18AD2 / DIO2EitherAnalog Input 2 or Digital I/O 2
    19AD1 / DIO1EitherAnalog Input 1 or Digital I/O 1
    20AD0 / DIO0 / Commissioning ButtonEitherAnalog Input 0, Digital IO 0, or Commissioning Button

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